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Madhur Garg Feb 26 2021 · 1 min read
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If you are sitting back with the code in your development work with Java codes and working with PowerBuilder then probably you are still in the era of past decades. Things have transformed in Business as well as day today life and it is high time to keep a pace of is trending in technology field.

In accelerating the technological transformation in many ways, like blockchain technology, the growing pandemic has emerged as a pacemaker. Keeping pace with the imminent benefits of the blockchain is a nickname of time, especially for both investors and developers. Blockchain has evolved as one of the revolutionary technologies which is being used only by 0.5 percent people in this entire world according to a survey.  For its flagship use case, cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the past year saw major drops in value and hearsay that several pilot projects are struggling to display true value. Many major players in industry, however, continue to press forward, optimistic that it can provide real value for organizations in need of creative solutions to record keeping and safe transaction recording.

Following are some of the incredible advantages that help everyone increase the growth of blockchain for the businesses,

1.       Transparency and Traceability:

Blockchain plays a crucial role in demonstrating openness with the onset of a decentralized network. The distributed ledger holds the record to track the audit trail when it comes to transactions. Ultimately, it would enhance authentication and deter fraudulent cases, especially in exchange-oriented projects.

2.       Affordable Storage:

The usability of cloud access is demonstrated by the ever-growing needs of data storage and digital properties. Blockchain also allows to take advantage for quick and cost-effective cloud storage. This could trigger a revenue streamline for businesses as well as consumers with a cost-effective approach, while investing billions on cloud storage alone.

3.       Enhanced Speed and Efficiency:

The implementation of conventional and long processes is vulnerable to many errors and needs repetitive evaluations. However, streamlining and automation of these blockchain procedures makes transactions accurate, quick, and effective.

4.       Easy Access:

The integrated configuration and capabilities make operating mechanisms user-friendly and speedy. Despite the conventional transaction methods that have taken many days, blockchain is used to function on a 24 x 7 basis and transactions can be fast, secure and at any time.

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