Where you have used Hypothesis Testing in your Machine learning Solution?


bibeka nanda nayak Nov 06 2021 · 1 min read
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I will try to explain Hypothesis Testing in a way even high school students can understand easily. let's say there is a pharmaceutical company called atliq pharmaceutical they have a drug A which is a very popular drug for treating headaches. So if you have a headache then you will take drug A to treat your headache. it can cure your headaches in a few hours. it already used by millions of people. but scientists are coming up with a new drug B with a batter compound that can cure the headache more efficiently. it takes less time to cure the headache. but how can you prove that drug B is better than drug A? For that, you have to use Hypothesis Testing.

Hypothesis Testing

There is the type of Hypothesis -

Hypothesis Testing

1) Null Hypothesis

2) Alternate Hypothesis

The Alternate Hypothesis is represented as -Ha. it means the claim you want to prove.

The null hypothesis is represented as - Ho. it always represents the established fact.

So in our case, the Null Hypothesis is Drug A is more effective than Drug B. And our alternate Hypothesis is Drug B is more effective than Drug A.

So we always try to Reject Null Hypothesis. When we try to reject the Null Hypothesis we automatically proved that drug B is more effective than Drug A.

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