VMware Installation on Windows

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Sanathanan Velaswamy Thangaraj May 15 2021 · 1 min read
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Virtual Box VM Installation

Search for Virtual Box in Google and click on “Downloads”:

Click on “Windows hosts”. We will get the Virtualbox  .exe file. Save this file:

Run the  Virtual Box .exe file and Click enter, enter and installation will be done

After installation we will get the window like this:

Click on Machine and select “New”:

Give the Name, Type and Version:

We can give any Name. Choose any OS we want to work in Type and Choose the Version corresponding to our type.

We can select the memory size till green:

Just leave as default and click on “Create”:

Leave as it is and click on “Next”:

Leave as “Dynamically allocated” and Click on “Next”:

Choose the size we required and click on “Create”:

Ubuntu VM ware is installed and screen looks like this:


We can change the name of Ubuntu from “Settings” icon:


Oracle VM Virtual Box is installed.

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