Remove String Elements from Nested List


Soham Kundu Mar 19 2021 · 1 min read
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So, here is the code 

Module - 1 (Populating Note)

n = len(l)

note = [None]*(n**2)

for inner in range(len(l)):

    if type(l[inner])==list:

       for j in range(len(l[inner])):

            if type(l[inner][j])==str:

                    print(f"In list {inner } Index of str element {l[inner][j]} is {j}")   

                    if note[inner]==None:

                         note[inner] = []




Module - 2 (Removing String elements)

for i in range(len(note)):

       if note[i]!=None: 


            while count < len(note[i]):

                    j = note[i][count]

                   #If pop has occured once update pop index to reflect resizing

                    if count>0:




Yup, that's it.

To understand the code in a  better fashion , try to break the code in chunks  and see the output also use intermediate print statements , that helps.

Please let me know in case I have missed or misplaced any syntax.

NOTE -  Take care of the indentation as it has been provided manually only to clear the purpose of what each Line of Code does and where it belongs.

Time Complexity - This is a O(N^2) solution where we have assumed  that each nested list will have at most N  element where N is the len of the outer list.

Scope of Improvement -  Obviously turning the solution into O(n) but I don't think it will be possible as traversing of nested list is concerned. 

Hope it helps, please let me know your suggestions.

Till then,


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