PowerBi - Assignment 6

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Sangeeth KN Apr 07 2021 · 1 min read
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Objective – Power BI Desktop, Cloud Service and End to End Workflow

Use Case – DAX Measures

Source – LifeScience

Analytics – DAX Groupings

Report/Dashboard – LifeScience

Transform Data.

As per the requirement, we need to create a new segment(affordable or expensive) in terms of purchase.  Here I created the new segment using add conditional column, see the figure below.

New segment column is created in purchase table, see the figure below.

Created a report on the quantities available on the basis of Animal. Here  I used a text table to create the report using values as Animals, Quantity and Segment, see the fig below.

Count of animals by environment, here I used donut chart to distinguish the count of animals with it's environment name.

Majority of the animals belongs to Land with 11 animals and followed by water with 5 animals only.

As per the 4th requirement, created a segment on the basis of Species by the referring Animals in the product table using DAX function.

SpeciesType = RELATED(Species[FamilyName])

Final requirement is to segment the towns on the basis of region. Created a new column using DAX function

Region = RELATED(Region[RegionName])
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