PowerBI Assignemnt-11, Roles & Security.

Premm Bissht Jun 10 2021 · 1 min read
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Assignment - 11 : Roles & Security

Objective – Power BI Desktop, Cloud Service and End to EndWorkflow

Use Case – House Price

Source – House Price

Analytics – Clean & Secure the Report

Report/Dashboard – Nariman Insights

Step1: Upload source file and transform into powerbi query.

Step2: Remove unwanted column where more than 50% values are null, same can be done by selecting all columns where values are null and delete them by right click on selected columns.

Step3: remove all blank rows by clicking remove rows tab.

Step 4: Change all #NA value to Next or Previous row value.

Open the Excel file in the above folder and create a basic table showing data for sales of houses in different areas. There are 5 types of building - in an ideal world each viewer should only see their relevant category.

There are two options available: create 5 independent reports or use the one report but filter it to show data only for the current user.

Create a role for each house type, filtering using the PropertyType code. Look in the Property types sheet to find the codes.

• Once you have made the roles, check that each is working using View Roles on the Home tab:


Assigning roles and selecting to show only flat data

Publish the report in Power BI Service and check the roles.

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