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Apurva Malpure Jan 17 2021 · 4 min read
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Assignment 11

Data Source - House Price 

Connect the dataset to Power BI desktop by Get data --> Excel --> House Price. The navigator window pops in, select transform data where we are directed to the power query editor. 

Using the home tab change the column headers by selecting the option, use first row as column headers. 

Data Transformation

Delete the blank rows and columns from the data.

Removing blank rows and columns

Select close and apply and we are directed to the report view, Select table from the visualization pane and drag and drop the required segments like the handover date, postcode, location and the sales price.


From the Modelling tab select Manage Roles option and a window pops up. To create a role where each viewer should only see their relevant category, for detached type of house choose a filter property type from the house price table and assign a name "Detached"

Managing Roles

After selecting the filter, a DAX expression [Property Type] = "D" has to be written, due to this expression, houses of type D will only appear when the role is viewed as Detached.


From the modelling tab select view as option and a window will pop up which shows the options for the roles we want to view the report in. Select Detached and press OK.

View as Roles

In the image below we can see all the houses of type D

Viewing as Detached

To publish this report in Power BI service, sign in to Power BI service with an organizational email id and select the publish option in the home tab

Now in the My workspace click on the three dots besides the dataset of the report and select security option

Power BI Service

Now Provide the email id of the people with whom you want to share the particular roles assigned.

Row Level Security

Assignment 12

Dataset - Zoo

Open Power BI desktop --> Get data --> Excel --> Zoo, navigator window pops in and select the tables and click on transform data. Update column headers and remove null values from the data set and click on close and apply and we are directed to the report view. Now from the visualization pane select table and drag and drop the necessary segments required such as National Pokedex number, English name, evolves name and Japanese name. From the insert tab click on images and insert three images of water, grass and fire resp. and name the report as creatures


Select a new page and name it as water and select table from visualization pane and drag and drop the same segments as in the creatures. Now apply a filter on the page with respect to natural symbol and choose water and all the animals in water will be visible on the page 

Water Animals

Similarly, create the same table on a new page for grass and fire and add the respective filter for the natural symbol on their respective pages and name the pages as grass and fire.


Now to create bookmarks, go to the modelling tab and select bookmarks, go to the water page and click on add bookmarks and rename it as water monsters and update the bookmarks and we can view the bookmark by clicking on the view option besides add option. similarly create two more bookmarks for grass and fire and name them as grass animals and fiery animals. 


Now hide the three pages, water, grass and fire by right click on the page name.

Hiding Pages

Now to toggle between the pages with the help of the images that is when we select a particular image of water, grass or fire we are taken to the respective page. To do so go on the creatures page and from format image, enable the action option and below there select bookmark as the type and for the name of the bookmark, for water select water monsters, for grass select grass animals and for fire select fiery animals. Now when an image is selected we are taken to its respective page. Also a back button is inserted on each page so that we can get back to the creatures page without any difficulty.

Setting action to image

Assignment 13

Pbix file - Authors

The authors file shows the table for 100 best selling books since 1998.

List of books

Take a new page and name it as tooltip page and select a horizontal column chart from the visualization pane which shows distribution for Volume by title.

Volume by Title

In the format section --> Page information --> enable the tooltip button.

Enable Tooltip

Make the size as tooltip from the page size option in the format section.

page size - Tooltip

Go to the first page : list of books and hover the mouse to the name of any author and we will be able to see the tooltip page for that particular author.

Tooltip action 

To create a display to show the name of the author in the tooltip, go to the format in the visualization pane --> title --> fx --> Author and press OK  

Steps to show name of Author in tooltip 
Name of Author in tooltip

Conclusion -  Learnt about tooltips, bookmarks, action in images, Managing row level security and publishing a report in Power BI service.

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