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shailender ojha Dec 03 2020 · 3 min read
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Assignments_1 : Sky Data

Power bi can connect any data source to bring meaningful insights to the end user.

1.Extract Sky Transport data excel by clicking GET DATA in POWER BI. In order to connect data, click on GET DATA option & select excel from the various option. Choose Sky Transport Corp excel sheet.

2. Navigator pop up will appear in which one can tables present in the excel sheet. Two options visible at the bottom i.e. LOAD & TRANSFORM DATA. LOAD option loads data/table in POWER BI whereas TRANSFORM DATA will load data/ table in POWER query editor for transformations. For the said example one can click on Load & the content of table will be loaded in POWER BI .

3.       Each trip has information about 18 various data points like Destination State, Destination City, Shipping Cost, Shipping days, Total miles, etc. Please find below the schema of the data and then Close and Apply.

4.To hide Category ID and  Origin state - Go in Fields column and Select do right click and select HIDE option.

5. Change Name of Table to Customer Name in Properties.

6.  In order to save changes made to table , Click on Close & Apply.

7. We can see the updated table is loaded in POWER BI. In order to generate table , we select table from visualizations section.

8. In Visualization Tab click table and select Customer, Trip Type, Revenue and Total Miles by dragging it under values section.


10 To save the file in POWER BI ,go to File & select option of save as.

11 Type the name of file as Sky data and save it . This will save file in PBIX format.

In this report we get to see the Sky transport data report, we can see Total miles covered  and total revenue of Sky Transport data.

Table which contains columns like  Customers Revenue ,   Total Miles , Trip Type  provides information to the stakeholders so that they get to know about their customers.




This dashboard explain Revenue and Total miles relationship with respect to different parameters. In this Analysis, it is observed that some State and city generate more Revenue and some generate less.

1. KPIs  for Total Miles, Revenue, Cost

In this Analysis using Card Visualization we can see that generated revenue is $8.74M, Total covered miles are 1.40M and Shipping cost is $7.94M.

2. Revenue Vs Miles by Shipping State

In this term Illinois (IL) with $3.0M generating high revenue and Iowa (IA) with $0.4M generating very less.

I have used Line Chart for this result.

3. Revenue Vs Miles by Shipping City

In this term Cincinnati city with $0.40M generating high revenue and Milwaukee with $0.32M generating very less.

I have used Clustered Bar Chart for this result.

4. Total Trips Vs Trips by Trip Types

There are three types of Trip Type. International, Domestic and Intercom. Domestic trip comes first with 1200 Trips then International with 700 Trips and Intercom trips come last with 100 Trips.

I have used Clustered bar chart for this result.

5. % of Trips by Shipping State

In this term we can see that Illinois (IL) has highest percentage, which is 33.5% and Iowa (IA) has lowest percentage, which is 4.15%.

I have used Clustered bar chart for this result.

6. Revenue Miles vs Total Miles by Checkpoints

In this term we can see that we getting highest Revenue on Checkpoints 2, at Checkpoints Revenue is $1M and Total Miles is 154209.

I have used Scatter Chart for this result

Type the name of file as Trip Analysis and save it . This will save file in PBIX format.

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