Power BI Assignment-5


Rajat Srivastava Feb 23 2021 · 1 min read
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STEP (1) Import the LTD Sales data into the power bi desktop.

STEP(2) Add a new column by going to the transform data tab and adding a new column in the power query editor by clicking on add column in the menu bar

STEP (3) Click on the custom column so that we can multiply the unit sales with the quantity of the respective product and give it the name Revenue.

STEP (4) Select close and apply and come to report view of the power bi desktop and use a donut chart to depict values of revenue in values and state in legend and thereafter we get a donut chart depicting count of revenue state wise.

STEP (5) Go to power query editor again and add a conditional column with a condition of if and else.

STEP (6) In the same way add another column and add a conditional column and categorize furniture as office infra and other than furniture as Non-office infra.

STEP (7) Note the spelling of Furniture and that Revenue should be the same in the conditional column.

STEP (8) Come to the report view and develop a clustered bar graph and pie chart for the respective above data generated

Dashboard -1
Power query editor for a conditional column
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