Power BI Assignment 1

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menaka gurung Oct 21 2021 · 2 min read
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Power BI Assignment 1 details:

• You should hide the Category ID and Origin State.

• Create a table showing by Customer Name

1. Revenue

2. Total Miles

3. Trip Type

• Summarize the Revenue & Total Miles

• Save this Power BI file with the name SkyData

Source Data: Sky Transport


Step 1: Load the source excel file to Power BI desktop by clicking Get Data in Home page. It will prompt you to choose file type. Choose excel and browse the location of the source file. 

Step 2: Once the source file is chosen, the below window will appear. Click teh checkbox in front of the source file and click load.

Step 3: Once the file is loaded, you would be able to see the columns from the sourec file in the right hand side under field as below.

To hide the columns, right click the column name and click hide for category ID and Origin state. Once you click hide , the columns will not be visible as shown below.

Step 4: To create a table to show Revenue, Total miles and Trip type by Customer name, drag the column and place it under Values ( under visualization) as shown below. The table will appear in the report pane.

Step 5: To summarize Revenue and Total Miles, select card from visualization options and drag it into the report pane. Now, select Revenue and place it under fields. Do the same thing for Total miles. For background colur and decimal, go to format option under visualization and set accordingly. 

Step 6: To save the file, go to file and click save as , choose the location where you want to save the file, give file name as sky data and choose file type as Power BI file (*.pbix).

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