Power BI Assignment 1 and 2

akash das Feb 23 2021 · 1 min read
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Assignment 1

Objective – Power BI Desktop, Cloud Service and End to End Workflow

Use Case – Connecting a File using Power BI Desktop and formatting the file

Source – Sky Transport

Analytics – Create a new Power BI file, and load the Excel workbook

containing a list of the Transport Data

1. Revenue

2. Total Miles

3. Trip Type

• Summarize the Revenue & Total Miles

• Save this Power BI file with the name SkyData


  • Import the excel file into Power BI desktop
  • Select and load the data
  • Go to Model Panel and Select the "Field" section, right-click on the Category ID and select "Hide in report view" and do the same for Origin State field too.
  • Create a Table from visualisation tab and add Customer, Revenue, Total miles and Trip type to value field
  • Select card from visualisation tab for Revenue and total mile
  • Assignment 2

    Objective – Power BI Desktop, Cloud Service and End to End Workflow

    Use Case – Design dashboard with basic set of visualizations

    Source – Sky Transport

    Analytics – Develop a dashboard to show top level brief overview of Sky


    Report/Dashboard – Transport Data

    • KPIs for Total Miles, Revenue, Cost

    • Revenue Vs Miles by Shipping State

    • Revenue Vs Miles by Shipping City

    • Total Trips Vs Trips by Trip Types

    • % of Trips by Shipping State

    • Revenue Miles vs Total Miles


  • Created cars for Revenue , shipping cost , total miles
  • Created bar chart for Revenue and total miles (in value fields ) and Origin city in the axis field
  • Created bar chart for revenue and total miles(in value fields) and Origin state (in axis field)
  • Bar chart for Totalmiles and Loadedmiles
  • Pie charts for Percentage of trip by shipping state and percentage of trip types for overall trips
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