Power BI Assignment-1 & 2

Nagandranath Vemishetti Dec 07 2020 · 2 min read
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step1:Extract the data by using get data option and select the excel option.

step2:After selecting the excel option click on the sky Transport corp file.By selcting the file preview of the table will be showed on the screen.Then click on load data option the dataset will be loaded and the attributes will be shown in the field section.

srep3:Hide the columns Category ID and Origin State.In the field section select the attribute that needs to be hided then right click on the attribute and select the "hide in report view".The selected columns will be disappeared from the field seciton.

step4:Go to the report view and under the visualisation field select the table format.Then drag the attributes into the value section.After selecting the attributes to the values section automatically the Revenue and Total Miles will be summarized.

step5:Save the power BI file with the name SkyData.Go to the file option click on saveas then save the file with the "SkyData".


Stacked column chart shows the "Total Miles By Customer" and pie chart shows the "Total Miles  By Triptype" where Domestic(61.5 %) is more compared to other TripType,International("33.83 %"),intercom("4.37 %")


For this assignment same dataset has been used but we have to create a dashboard that visualize the following steps.

Step1:KPIs for Total Miles ,Revenue,Cost

             By using KPI icon in the visualization section .select the Total Miles,Revenue,cost and drag it to the appropriate field section.

Step2:Revenue vs Miles by Shipping State

             By using clustered bar chart  we can analyze Illinois has more revenue compared to other states because the total miles was more compared to other states.

Step3:Revenue vs Miles by Shipping City

              For this Stacked bar chart is used .Cincinnati is the highest which covered both revenue and total miles

Step4:Total Trips vs Trips by Trip Types

               By using Stacked column chart we can analyze that Domestic Trip Type has more count followed by International and Intercom.

Step5:% Trip by Shipping State

                Donut chart has been used for this.we can conclude that 

(IL) state has highest percentage  33.45 % 

(IA )state has  least  percentage 4.15 %

Step6:Revenue Miles by Total Miles

              We have used pie chart.we can conclude that highest revenue is  (86.24%)  for 9 miles

Save the file with the trip analysis

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