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Mithesh Reddy May 18 2021 · 1 min read
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Objective: Power BI Desktop, Cloud Service and End to End Workflow.

Topic: Charts.

Exercise: Create date and normal slicers on one page to affect visuals on other pages.

Open the Events dear boy.pbix file using power Bi. The file has three pages named as Choices,By decade and List of events

On the empty Choices page, add the following slicers: 

Create two slicers in the empty choices page using continent name for first slicer and country name for second slicer.

Add in a slicer allowing you to choose the event date:

Create a third slicer in the empty choices page using EventDate from event table

configure your report so that the slicers only appear on the first page, but apply to the other pages.


Go to view section and select sync slicers option.


select all the three slicers created and check mark the following options for all of them as:


Now use the three filters in choices page and observe the effect of filters on other two pages of report.

  • choices page:
  • By decade page:
  • List of events page:
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