Mean, Median and Mode

Gaurav Kumar Feb 03 2021 · 1 min read
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Mean, Median and Mode

Mean/Mode/Median are called measures of central tendency.

In Machine Learning there are often three values that interests us:

  • Mean - The average value
  • Median - The mid point value
  • Mode - The most common value
  • Mean

    The mean value is the average value.


    The median value is the value in the middle, after you have sorted all the values.

    This is used to find central tendency when our data having the outliers.


    The Mode value is the value that appears the most a number of times.

    When we have some repeated values in our data then we go for Mode to find central tendency.

    Example for Mean, Median, and Mode:

    When to use Mean, Median, and Mode?

    Suppose we have data of ages of different people, if the data is normally distributed or does not have outliers then we use Mean. If our data having outliers then we go for Median, and if our data having one age in high frequency then we use Mode.

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