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Mayank Rai Apr 08 2021 · 2 min read
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This article is about one of the hottest topics for the people of India. IPL is a platform that brings people together and at the same time divides them. Indian will bleed blue for their national team but when it comes to IPL, people would bleed their favourite player.

This is an amazing thing about IPL that it does limit our preference to geography. Here I have taken different metrics to visualize ipl data for a better understanding. Let's dive into it


The above screenshot of the dashboard shows various visualization about the teams in IPL. Let me walk you through it.

1)Pie Chart

The Pie chart represents the what is proportion of decision to bat or ball were taken by the winner of the toss. As you can see team majorly chose to bat first to put up a good score and pressure the opponent.

2) Stacked bar chart( away wins)

This graph shows what is percentage of team wins an away match. As you can see Delhi capital is at the top, but they haven't played as many matches as other's. I would like to declare CSK  and SRH the winner of this graph.

3) Stacked bar chart (home wins)

This graph shows what is percentage of team wins a home match. As it quite visible that Mukesh Ambani is at the top (pun intended) followed by CSK. CSK is quite a performer both at home and away matches.

4) Bar graph

This graph represents the percentage of total matches won by a team. I would declare the best performer in this segment to CSK and MI.

5) Area Chart

This chart shows the luck factor of all teams. Well, quite a fortune Mumbai Indian have.

The above dashboard represents individual player analysis and again I will work you through it.

1) Pie chart 

This pie chart shows what percentage of the total players are right or left-handed batsmen. This also shows that why we have right-handed desks and not left-handed desks.

2) Treemap

This treemap shows what bowling style is the most popular among players. Guess the medium is the most popular bowling style.

3) Table 

This table shows the number of times a player has won man of the match. AB de Villers is known as Mr. 360 for a reason but Mr.360 is not much ahead of the Gayle storm.

4) Stacked bar chart

This chart shows the maximum runs scored by a player in IPL. Both Suresh Raina and Virat Kohli showed their mantle as t20 specialist.

5) Stacked bar with line chart

This chart shows the highest runs scored by a player and their strike rate because IPl is a format meant to strike the ball hard. Gayle and de Villers are competing again for the strike rate. 


With Ipl being a festival in India the craze for it is amazing. After analyzing this data the team which had the most impressive is CSK lead by none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni followed by Mumbai Indian lead by Mukesh Ambani. Although Cricket is a team sport, Individual performance should not be ignored. We have seen many amazing performances over the years in IPl, but only a few did it with consistency like Virat Kohli, Suresh raina and many others.

Looking Forward to another season of Ipl to bring thriller and adventure into our life.

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