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Thrivikram S Kamath Jan 01 2021 · 1 min read
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Import given Life Science dataset using Get data option in Power BI desktop. 


1. Create the following segment in terms of Purchase:

  • Affordable ( if< 10)
  • Expensive (if >10)
  • Use DAX function mentioned below to create a new column to classify whether it's Affordable or not,

    Price category = if((Purchase[Price]<10), "Affordable", "Expensive")

    2.  Classified quantities available on the basis of Animal

  • Affordable
  • Expensive
  • Figure 6.2.1  Classification of animals based on affordability

    3.  Classification of animals based on land, water and air. The number of animals belonging to each category is shown in the figure 6.3.1

    Figure 6.3.1 Count of animals belonging to land, water and air

    4. Segment on the basis of Species by the referring Animals. Animals and the type of  species they are is shown in the figure below.

    Figure 6.4.1 Animals and the type of species

    5. The region to which Town belongs is shown in the figure 6.5.1. Which is obtained by using the DAX function shown below.

    Region = RELATED(Region[RegionName])

    Figure 6.5.1 Town and their region
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