Blockchain Industry Use

Madhur Garg Feb 26 2021 · 1 min read
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AI can contribute to smart contracts by moving them from a rule-based system to a more adaptive and logical system that uses neural graphs and networks. So, when it comes to contract negotiations and securing a deal AI can read through the data of past negotiations and suggest how such transactions were carried out in the past in-turn creating a more plausible environment. It can also pinpoint variables that were not considered previously. Also as smart contracts execute by themselves AI can read through the previously executed data and understand the past workflows and suggest improvements. 

The data in the blockchain is stored with a high level of integrity and it cannot be interfered with, it can act as a source of data whose predictions and analytical insights are the least questionable and can be used for the creation of a  decentralized and secure system for sensitive data such as Legal, Government, Financial, Banking, Trading, Personal, etc.

Smart Contracts neither 'smart,' concerning utilizing AI applications; or 'contracts' in the feeling of legitimately authoritative arrangements. All things being equal, they include coded automated parameters which are receptive to anything that is recorded on a Blockchain.

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