Assignment 3 - Richest People

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Bhumika Sardana Jan 14 2022 · 1 min read
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In this assignment, we are cleaning the data by replacing unwanted values with empty string and then creating a visualisation.

1. Replace billion with Empty String.

In power query editor,  select transform->Replace values. Replace value of billion with ""

2. Replace $ with empty space

Again select transform-> Replace values. In replace value with field, enter $ and replace value field enter nothing.

3.Convert column to whole Number

Upon transforming the column,  near the column name change the column type to whole Number

4. Create a visualisation to show value is in billions

Once that is done, I have created a visualisation using stacked bar chart .I selected the column Name and Networth.Jeff Bezos  being the richest of all 

Richest People Report
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