Assignment 3 Power BI BA

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rahul Shah Mar 17 2021 · 1 min read
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Use Case – Import list of the richest people using Query Editor

Source – Richest people

Report/Dashboard – Richest people

Create  Power BI report, and loading the dataset in PowerBI

• Some columns have been renamed, while each person's wealth (in billions of dollars) has been extracted

1. Replace the word billion with an empty string.

2. Replace the $ symbol with an empty string.

3. Convert the resulting column to a whole number.

1) Click on replace values

2) Click on replace values(On the home screen or you can see by right click on column name) and replace the $ with an empty string.

3) Click on the data type of the column as highlighted below and change the datatype to the Whole number.

Creating a chart just to prove that the billions really are being treated as

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