Assignment 2 Trip Analysis

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Bhumika Sardana Jan 13 2022 · 1 min read
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In this assignment,  I had to develop a dashboard for Sky Transport using various visualization. 

Dashboard contains information such  as

1. KPIs for Total Miles, Revenue and Cost

To highlight the Key Performance Indicator  or KPI for Sky Transport, I made use of Card visual.The Data tells us that Total Miles covered were $ 1Milllion  giving them a revenue of $9Million and  incurring shipping cost of approximately $8Million.

2. Revenue v/s Miles by Shipping state

Clustered Column Chart is clearly helping to depict the difference between Revenue and Total Miles for particular State. From the visual, I can tell that Illionis of all state makes highest revenue(2.97 Million) and also covers highest Miles(0.48Million).While, Iowa making the lowest revenue(0.40Million) and covering the lowest miles(0.05)

3. Revenue vs Miles by shipping city

In order to show the comparison between shipping cities, stacked bar chart is used. Total Miles covered is half of  0.1 Million for all the cites. However, Revenue generated in Grand Rapids & Lansing is close to 0.4 Million & higher than most of the cities 

4. Total trips vs trips by trip types

With the help of Donut chart, we can see that 60% of trips are Intercom,35% are international and 5% are domestic.

5. % of trips by Shipping State

With the help of Pie chart, we can see that Illionis has the maximum number  of trips (33.45%)and Iowa has the lowest (4.15%)

6. Revenue Miles vs Total Miles

Funnel visualisation clearly shows that Total miles is 1Million and Revenue is 9Million.Which makes total miles 1/9th of total revenue.

Dashboard for Sky Transport
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